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Illuminating the Journey Within.

At Visit & Venture, we believe that the life that one leads should be intentional, authentic and creative in order to have the greatest impact on our communities, homes, and ultimately, state of happiness. Whether you are an individual, business or community, we would love to work with you to do the internal work necessary to align your greatest strengths with deepest purpose.
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Pay What It's Worth

Freedom to Decide.

When you work with Visit & Venture, it is our goal to provide you with our best, highest quality work possible. We want to give you the freedom to pay for your work based on the monetary value you feel it deserves. Although not all work is PWIW, we do offer these as freedom-based options for you:
  • Workshop Design
  • Logo & Slogan Design
  • Retreat Design
  • Creative Naming
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      The Power of Gratitude.

      What would change in your life if you challenged yourself to find moments of gratitude and expressions of art everyday? How would you attract your deepest desires? I invite you to think about the story of your life and the impact that YOUR JOURNEY has on all other forms of life. What will you offer?

      Journey With Us.

      Mycelium Fall Lab

      29 Oct 2015 - 02 Nov 2015
        You’re invited to create this vision with us -- To research, share, experiment, and innovate. To activate our deepest dreams and most audacious imaginings.
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