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Illuminating the Authentic Journey.

At Visit & Venture, we believe that the life that one leads should be intentional, authentic and creative in order to have the greatest impact on our communities, homes, and ultimately, state of happiness. Whether you are an individual, business or community, we would love to work with you to do the work necessary to align your greatest strengths with deepest purpose.
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VISIT | Let’s explore your authenticity.

The VISIT aspect of the company name is focused on creating more visibility for sustainable, authentic brands, people and organizations that seek to make a positive impact locally, regionally and globally.  We seek to increase the inclusion of diverse voices in the quest toward a paradigm shift in how we all live, work and play together.

VENTURE| Let’s build something intentional.

The VENTURE aspect of the company name is focused on facilitating change from the inside out by facilitating innovative training locally, regionally and globally.  We actively participate in and welcome relationships from like-minded business models that seek to catalyze mission-driven, social change work.

Let’s illuminate YOUR path to your life’s calling.

Pay What It's Worth (PWIW)

Flexible Payment, Consistent Quality.

When you work with Visit & Venture, it is our goal to provide you with our best, highest quality work possible. We want to give you the freedom to pay for your work based on the monetary value you feel it deserves. Although not all work is PWIW, we do offer these as flexible options for you:
  • Workshop Design
  • Logo & Slogan Design
  • Retreat Design
  • Creative Naming
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